"Work doesn't feel like work when you love what you do every day. "

From Root to Shoot appreciates the trust that you have put in us over the years. We are proud of the gardens we have created, restored or just kept looking beautiful. It is time now for Root to retire, so we will no longer be responding to inquiries. Even though we are not taking on any new clients, please take advantage of the information provided in the blog, and enjoy the pictures of gardens and garden plants. Thanks again to all the clients and workers who helped make From Root to Shoot create beautiful gardens.

-Melissa Bennett

Root is responsive

thumb_responsiveWe offer a suite of services that can be tailored to your lifestyle and to the unique characteristics of your property.
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Root is versatile

s2_m4_dWe restore forgotten or neglected gardens and we create new gardens in a variety of styles: traditional, naturalistic and contemporary. We improve existing gardens by correctly maintaining them. Good maintenance requires balancing artistic vision with a deep scientific understanding of biology and ecology.
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Root is pragmatic

thumb-pragmaticWith our decades of broad and deep experience with the benefits and challenges inherent to gardening in the Catskills, From Root To Shoot considers how your landscape will look immediately after installation and how it will look in 5, 15 or 30 years.
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Root is local

thumb_picketfenceWe live here, and we know first-hand the hurdles gardeners and plants alike face here. Melissa Bennett, the owner of From Root to Shoot, has been beautifying gardens in the Catskills area since 1991. Having earned a PhD in the study of insects, her extensive training and experience in the formal study of nature gives her a unique, integrated perspective on the ecology of a gardens in the Catskills. Also, Root has the most highly trained gardeners, and the best stonemasons, groundskeepers, excavators and pond builders in the area. “Learn more about the From Root To Shoot team!”
Make the most of what you have; From Root to Shoot will work with you to bring your unique vision and desires to reality. We consider you to be our partner in the shared experience of creating and maintaining the landscape that is right for you. We know and love your gardens as much as you do. That's why many of our clients have been with us for decades, have become our friends and recommend us by word of mouth.