The Tiniest Iris in Catskills Gardens Can Make The Biggest Impact! (Dwarf Iris)

Iris reticulata

Some of the earliest blooming iris, in fact some of the earliest blooming flowers, are the iris commercially available as Rock Garden Iris or Dwarf Iris.   They often bloom concurrently with crocus here in the Catskills, and are comparable to crocus in size at flowering time, at 4 inches…

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Earliest Spring Flowers in the Catskills!


Spring is beginning here in the Catskills!   This post surveys the earliest spring flowers, blooming now or within the next few weeks. The plants producing these flowers are small but the flowers are relatively large and conspicuous, standing out sharply against the browns and grays of the winter garden.…

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Clematis in the Catskills region

Clematis in the Catskills region are perhaps not the most often recognized garden plant, but Catskills gardeners know that they can be spectacular additions to our gardens here. Some varieties can be a bit fussy about their planting location, but once established clematis will become more substantial and flower for…

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