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The Root Team

meli_root_2Melissa Bennett, owner and operator of From Root to Shoot, has a PhD in entomology (study of insects) and has worked at museums around the world including the British Museum, the American Museum of Natural History, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, and Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology. She has also worked locally with the cooperative extension, with Walton second-graders and at the South Kortright Cultural Center.


david_bartlemMelissa has put together a design team that includes David Bartlem, a designer with a degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University. He brings to Root his passion for the environment and over three decades of design experience. He has worked with world-famous firms on large and small projects Architect I.M. Pei and Partners, Landscape Architects Engel, GGP, known for their acclaimed work with the Rockefeller family. He has been recognized for his design accomplishments including: the 2012 NYC AIDS Memorial Competition (semi-finalist), his work on the re-design of the Canadian National Exhibition site (CNE), the design and installation of parks and community facilities in the town of Cheshire, CT, and numerous projects in NYC including rooftop and terrace gardens as well as elaborate gardens on Fire Island, NY.


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